Prayer and Praise Christian Fellowship began in 1980 as a small prayer group meeting in the home of Milford and Myra Smith. The group grew quickly and soon moved to a vacant grocery store on Highway 92 in Woodstock. Rev. Larry H. Baker was set in place as the Pastor, and the fledgling group was established as Word of Faith Church.

This non-denominational, spirit-filled fellowship has sought to make the Lord Jesus Christ the focus in all things. From the start, God has blessed this church with His presence in its joyful services as its members have honored and glorified Him.

In 1981, the sixty-five member church purchased five acres of land on Bells Ferry Road and built the basement level of the present church building. The church also began a Christian school that year with 15 students in attendance. God was faithful, and the church was able to remain debt free.

In 1984 Pastor Larry Baker’s wife, Diana, was ordained to the ministry and set in place as Co-Pastor and Worship Leader of Word of Faith Church.

In 1986, as the church was finishing the top portion of its 16,280 square foot building, the owner of the adjoining ten acres of property offered to sell the land to the church. Although the timing did not seem right, God performed miracles. A loan for $170,000 was secured to complete the church building, which was paid in full in three months time. God also provided the money through members of the congregation to purchase the ten acres. The church has remained debt free from that time until today.

As time passed, God inspired several changes. In 1988, God led the church to close the Christian School. In 1990, the name of the church was changed from Word of Faith Church to Prayer and Praise Christian Fellowship to emphasize the church’s vision for prayer and worship.

Since the turn of the millennium, Prayer and Praise has worked with other churches and local ministries to bring unity to the Body of Christ through music events and local community outreaches. Pastor Baker is actively involved with other local pastors through the Cherokee County Ministerial Association.

Through the years, Prayer and Praise has not only impacted its community, but it has also reached out into the nations of the earth. For seventeen years, Arnold and Phyllis Scott, members of Prayer and Praise, served as missionaries in Mexico. With the support of their home church and other churches, they built churches and reached out to the Mexican people with the gospel of Christ. Prayer and Praise is also involved in mission projects in India, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, Haiti, and Ukraine.

We are thankful for God’s continual blessings on Prayer and Praise Christian Fellowship.  He has done great things, and we rejoice!