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  Lesley Haley WOD Director

The WOD Board

Diana Baker,  Kay New, Michelle Owen, Shannon Weaver

All dates are subject to change due to any conflicts with the church and emails, and texts will be sent out about any changes.

Come Let's Learn Together at the 

Women of Destiny Café Club


We hope that these studies will...

Give you time to PAUSE,

To REMEMBER what is really important, 

And help you BUILD positive momentum for today, give you the knowledge you need for tomorrow.

We hope to see you at the next Bible Study.

Lesley Haley - WOD Director

Shannon, Diana, Michelle, Kay WOD Board


A Year at a Glance


Café Club

(Come See What the Lord Is Doing)

Downstairs Fellowship Hall - 10:00-11:30a.m.

Bible Discussion Topics and Stories 

January -14th - Korrah's Rebellion

February - 11th - Og king of Bashan

March - 11th - Priscilla and Aquila (Teaching by: Brenda Maxwell)

April - 15th - Pontius Pilates Wife - Claudia Procula

May 6th - Women's Tea Party 12:30 p.m.

Tickets on Sale March 1st $12.00

Make sure you invite your friends and family

June - Game Night - TBA

July - Game Night - TBA

August 12th - Miriam (Teaching by Shannon Weaver)

September 9th - The Meal and the Corn. Purpose of Milk.

October 14th - Doubting Thomas

November 11th - The Widow with the Two Coins

December 2nd -  Christmas Luncheon


What is the Café Club all about?


Casual atmosphere among friends

Affirming God’s truths

Fellowshipping over coffee

Energizing each other with God’s Word


Communicating our needs

Loving one another

Uniting us as prayer warriors

Bible studies & sharing God stories

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