Lesley Haley WOD Director

The WOD Board

Diana Baker,  Kay New, Michelle Owen, Shannon Weaver

All dates are subject to change due to any conflicts with the church and emails, and texts will be sent out about any changes.

Come Catch Our New Vision

Women of Destiny Café Club


"Every month we will study a new Bible topic to learn what God reveals to us in His Word.  Bring your Bible, note pad, and pen to take notes as we explore different and unique topics and stories in the Bible.  We will learn what the original intended meaning of the Word was saying to people then and and how to apply it our lives today.   


Come join us as we DIG into God's Word together. "

Lesley Haley - WOD Director

A Year at a Glance


Café Club

(Come See What the Lord Is Doing)

Downstairs Fellowship Hall - 10:00-11:30a.m.

Bible Discussion Topics and Stories 

August 13th - People who have seen God

September 10th - Who was Satan and who is he now?

October 8th - Rhoda and Peter

November 12th - The King of Salem

December 3rd - Christmas Party

January -14th - Korrah's Rebellion

February - 11th - Og king of Bashan

March - 11th - The Meal and the Corn. Purpose of Milk.

April - 8th - Priscilla and Aquila

May 6th - Women's Tea Party 



What is the Café Club all about?


Casual atmosphere among friends

Affirming God’s truths

Fellowshipping over coffee

Energizing each other with God’s Word


Communicating our needs

Loving one another

Uniting us as prayer warriors

Bible studies & sharing God stories