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  Lesley Haley WOD Director

The WOD Board

Diana Baker, Brenda Maxwell, Kay New, Michelle Owen, Shannon Weaver

All dates are subject to change due to any conflicts with the church and emails, and texts will be sent out about any changes.

Come Let's Learn Together at the 

Women of Destiny Café Club



Join us for bible study as we will be examining stories and people in the bible that are often overlooked.  We hope this will cause you to ask questions, that will engage others with conversation, that will lead us to a deeper knowledge, of knowing who God is and transforming our lives to His will. 

We hope to see you at the next Bible Study check out the list below.

A Year at a Glance


Café Club

Bring Your Family, Neighbor or Friends Anyone can Come and All are Welcome.

Social Schedule 

June 21st - Ladies Craft Night - Light Summer Dinner 6:30-8:30pm  

July 19th - Game Night - Light Summer Dinner 6:30-8:30pm

December 2nd -  Christmas Luncheon 12:30 p.m.

Bible Discussion Topics and Stories 

Downstairs Fellowship Hall - 10:00-11:30a.m.


August 12th - Miriam (Teaching by Shannon Weaver)

September 9th - The Meal and the Corn. Purpose of Milk (Teaching by Lesley Haley)

October 14th - Doubting Thomas ( Teaching by Lesley Haley)

November 11th - The Widow with the Two Coins (Teaching by Brenda Maxwell)



June 21st 6:30-8:30 pm

Event:  Nibble, Paint

Or Diamond Art craft

We will be offering two workshops to choose from:

Painting this beautiful angel painting or making both a cross key- chain and a coaster.  Sign up today or online to reserve your spot.


The cost is $10.00, per craft, this includes the class kit or kits, which are all materials to create your project.

You will leave with a piece of artwork you can be proud of. 

The deadline to pay and register is June 7th.

Dinner:  We are asking everyone to bring a light summer food item to share.  Sign up below by calling the church office or emailing us at for one food item that you are bringing.  Menu is update daily. 

Food Menu


Lesley - Footlong  turkey club sandwich cut up to share

Light Side

Shannon - Small Cheese and Cracker Tray

Chips or Dips

Church - Bag of Pita Chips


Church - Dark Chocolate Cake 


2023 Wonder Wildflower Tea Recap

Wildflower Tea Themed Hat
Maribeth Price
Lesley Haley & Shannon Weaver Presenting
Devotion By Diana Baker


Centerpiece Table Winner
Gloria Schwager

Centerpiece Table Honorable Mention
Michelle Owen

Most Outrageous Hat
Lindsey Owen
Traditional Hat
Cathy Capes

Tea Fun

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