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  Lesley Haley WOD Director

The WOD Board

 Linda DeFreytas, Holly Henderickson, Brenda Maxwell, Kay New, Shannon Weaver

***All dates are subject to change due to any conflicts with the church and emails, and texts will be sent out about any changes.

Come Let's Learn Together at the 

Women of Destiny Café Club

Wild Path


Join us for bible study as we will be examining stories and people in the bible that are often overlooked.  We hope this will cause you to ask questions, that will engage others with conversation, that will lead us to a deeper knowledge, of knowing who God is and transforming our lives to His will. 

We hope to see you at the next Bible Study check out the list below.



A Year at a Glance


Café Club

Bring Your Family, Neighbor or Friends Anyone can Come and All are Welcome.

Upcoming Bible Studies 

*** All Meetings Will Be Held Upstairs in the Sanctuary 

During the Reconstruction Downstairs 

January 13th Shunammite Woman - Teacher Lesley

February 10th Adam and Eve- Teacher Lesley 

March 9th Namen and the Dirt - Teacher Brenda

May 11th Huldah the prophetess - Teacher Lesley

August 10th Simeon the Zealot -Teacher Lesley

September 14th Daniel - Teacher Lesley

October 12th Lazarus of Bethany - Teacher Lesley

November 9th Phillips Daughters 4 Prophesying Virgins - Teacher Lesley

Upcoming Events

March 16th Blessing Swap

April 17th Game Night at IHop in Woodstock  6:30 PM 

April 20th Spring Tea


June 19th Game Night

July 17th Craft Night

September 4th Game Night

October 23rd Christmas Craft Night

December 7th Christmas Party


April 17th 6:30pm-8:30pm
We are meeting at the IHOP in Woodstock off 92 hwy for dinner, BINGO, and prizes.
We hope that you can make it, please RSVP as the IHOP will need to know to make accommodations for us.

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