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Valerie Sturdivant

Church Fellowship Picnics are opportunities to share a meal, have fun, get to know each other better, and encourage one another.  Please See Valerie Sturdivant for helping with our Church Food Functions.

And We Will See You All There!

New Events For This Fall and Winter
Please Check Each Ministry for Additional Details

1. Dec 2nd "WOD Cafe Club" Annual Christmas Party Luncheon  12:30pm. Lots of fun with a Great Lunch, Devotion, Games and Prizes.

2. Dec 10th " Not So Silent Night" Christ Program at 6pm

3. Dec 24th "Candle Light Service" 6pm

Christmas Lights

December 10th "Not-So-Silent Night"
Christmas Program
Sign-up in the Foyer to "Show Us" Your Gifts and Talents
6:00 pm and bring a dish to share for the dinner afterwards
Can't Wait to See What the Night Will Bring!

December 24th Candle Light Service
Special Evening Service this Christmas Eve at 6:00pm

Where we hear the  true meaning of the Christmas Story. 1

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