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Volunteers Packing Food

Encompass Ministries
papa's pantry ... together we are "supporting fruitful lives." 

Coordinator Linda Defraytas

We are partnering with Encompass Ministries to help our local community by providing food for needy people. In Isaiah 58:10, we are told to feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Luke 3:11 says, "Whoever has food should share it." Galatians 5:13 says, "Through love serve one another." And Matthew 25:40  tells us that whatever we do for one another, we do for the Lord himself.  

We are now collecting canned goods, paper products, and boxed foods for the Encompass food pantry. We encourage you to be a blessing to others by donating these items. If everyone does a little, together we can make a huge difference in our community.

Below and in the foyer you will find the current "Top 10 Pantry Needs List."  Please check these lists often because the needs change from month to month.   Thank you for joining us in this great ministry opportunity.


You will find copies of the
"Top 10 Needs List" 
in the foyer.

Their Mission

The mission of Encompass Ministries is to help individuals and families re-establish stability and self-reliance by offering a variety of programs including immediate food assistance, employment strategies, and life skills through hands-on support and ongoing training in order to have a community where everyone has the tools to achieve stability and no one goes to bed hungry.

For information on Encompass please visit their website.


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