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Prayer and Praise is blessed to be a part of the ministry of missionary Elizabeth Ratliff. Through Missionary Ventures, Elizabeth is impacting the lives of men, women, and children who are in prison in Zambia, South Africa. She has been granted approval to enter every prison in all ten provinces to present the gospel and to distribute PROCLAIMERS loaded with an audio Bible in the languages of Zambia through Faith Comes By Hearing ministries


Many women and their children are in prison in Zambia because poor economic conditions forced the women to steal in order to feed their families. Elizabeth is involved in a literacy project which uses scripture-based curriculum to teach female inmates to read. She also distributes materials for sewing classes in several prisons to help prisoners learn skills to support them when they leave the prison. Elizabeth is also impacting the lives of many refugees who are housed in the prisons because of political unrest.


We hope you will join us in praying for Elizabeth. Her prayer is that many people will come to know Christ through her ministry, and that they will be able to sustain themselves and their families and serve the Lord when they leave prison.


What we are collecting for Zambia 2023

Join us this year 2023 in collecting fabrics and sewing materials for Zambia.  Elizabeth Ratcliff is needing fabrics and sewing materials to help women support their families by making and selling clothing, purses, and many other kinds of items.  Fabric materials donated need to be in increments of at least one yard. We are also donating funds to help offset the expense of sending the supplies with Elizabeth.  


Please keep Elizabeth in your prayers for her safety and protection as she does what the Lord calls her to do in helping share the Gospel 

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